[erlang-questions] Please review this basic Erlang doc?

Robert Baruch autophile@REDACTED
Thu Feb 1 23:17:11 CET 2007

Hi all,

In learning Erlang as an expert procedural developer, but novice  
functional developer, I had to organize my thoughts about Erlang and  
how to think in functional terms. So, I wrote a document, and decided  
that maybe it's useful to other Erlang beginners who are also  
procedural experts.

With that in mind, does anyone want to take a look at this document  
and send in comments? It's not finished, so I'd welcome any suggestions.

The document doesn't aim to be an Erlang tutorial, but rather to  
guide the developer in thinking functionally. So once I'm sure a  
functional concept has been explained, I do a lot of referring the  
reader to the reference manuals.

Anyway, here it is: http://chuffyrodents.org/erlang.pdf


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