[erlang-questions] Erlang Extension Proposals (EEPs)

Per Gustafsson per.gustafsson@REDACTED
Thu Feb 1 13:02:25 CET 2007

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Eric Merritt wrote:

> So this is a great idea and of huge benefit to the community. That
> being the case, how are we going to move this process forward?
> Who are the editors? Has that been decided?

No this has not been decided. I think that there should be at least
someone from the OTP-group and someone from outside of OTP. If there are
people that are intrested in being editors or that have good suggestions
for suitable editors you can contact me directly.

> Has the eeps mailing list been set up?


> Has any one stepped up to handle the eep html conversion? Could we
> go with what you have already written for now?

What I have done is basically just changed the python script slightly.
There are probably still some inconsistencies which will lead to some
weird links etc., but what I have can probably be used for now.

I have also created EEP 2 and EEP 3 which gives templates for writing
EEPs. They are mostly copies of PEP 9 and PEP 12. They are available at:


> Has subversion space been made available?
No, I have just set up my own repository on my local machine, so this
needs to be done.

> Who is going to maintain the infrastructure for eeps?
I think that the editors should be responsible for this.

> These are questions, not answers, I know. However, maybe in answering
> these questions this process can move forward instead of bogging down
> in rather non-topical discussion as it has so far.
> On 1/29/07, Per Gustafsson <per.gustafsson@REDACTED> wrote:
>> In conjunction with the Erlang User Conference 2006 there was a workshop
>> concerning the future development of Erlang.
>> In this workshop a decision was made to adopt the Python process for
>> future Erlang development. Since nothing has happened since then I have
>> taken it upon myself to edit PEP 1, the python extension proposal which
>> describes how the python process works. This should be viewed as a draft
>> so please feel free to suggest changes. There are also a lot of decision
>> that needs to be made and issues that need to be solved. I'll list some
>> of them below.
>> 1. We need to have some EEP editors
>> 2. We need an e-mail address for the EEP editors, I have suggested
>> eeps@REDACTED
>> 3. We need tools to generate html from EEPs. I have altered some of the
>>   python tools to acheive this, but the resulting script is very brittle
>>   and probably won't work for most EEPs
>> 4. We need a subversion repository to keep track of the EEPs
>> The draft for EEP 1 can be found at:
>> http://user.it.uu.se/~pergu/eep/eep-0001.html
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