[erlang-questions] Json for Erlang?

Bob Ippolito <>
Mon Dec 24 16:40:04 CET 2007

On 12/24/07, Tony Garnock-Jones <> wrote:
> Jim Larson wrote:
> > They're all roughly equivalent, so choose the one with the best
> > match for the types you'll be encoding/decoding.  It's super-handy
> > if you pick an encoding that doesn't require further translation
> > from an "external" to an "internal" Erlang data structure.
> If unicode is important to your JSON application, we've tried pretty
> hard to make sure we get the utf8/16/32 translations right in the
> rfc4627.erl codec. Strings are represented as binaries in UTF-8
> encoding, no matter the encoding of the JSON source.

In my experience it's pretty rare for the input encoding to be
anything but UTF-8 or ASCII. It's normally the client side which is
the problem, which is why the encoders I've written all spit out ASCII
with escaped unicode by default.


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