[erlang-questions] Using Leex vs rolling your own lexer

Hasan Veldstra hasan.veldstra@REDACTED
Tue Dec 18 18:11:40 CET 2007

> No OTP code uses Leex it seems. All apps and libraries roll their own
> lexer.
> It's very easy in Erlang to roll your own lexer but any particular
> reason why Leex is not used more often?

Perhaps because it's old and unsupported by anyone? (It doesn't even  
have a homepage.) That coupled with the ease of writing a lexer is  
probably the reason.

I've used Leex quite a lot though, and it works fine. There are a few  
minor annoyances, but no show-stoppers. (I might even get round to  
fixing them at some point...)

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