[erlang-questions] Passing a C array to the emulator as an ErlIOVec

Joel Reymont <>
Fri Dec 14 22:11:41 CET 2007

Is there a way to pass a pointer to a C array to the emulator without  

Can it be wrapped in an ErlIOVec perhaps?

The docs say about ErlIOVec:

"The I/O vector used by the emulator and drivers, is a list of  
binaries, with a SysIOVec pointing to the buffers of the binaries."

Since SysIOVec points to the buffers of the binaries then is there any  
harm in the buffer being the C array in question?

I suppose undocumented functions will need to be used to set up such  
an ErlIOVec but, again,  is there any harm doing it?

	Thanks, Joel


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