[erlang-questions] how: mnesia with simultaneous permanent node failure (EC2)

Ulf Wiger (TN/EAB) <>
Wed Dec 12 08:35:04 CET 2007

Paul Mineiro skrev:
> in order to get my disaster recovery situation managed on EC2, i went
> ahead and wrote mnesia_schema:del_table_copies/2, which allows one to
> remove multiple tables in one operation.
>> i'm thinking about using mnesia on EC2, but i'm having problems figuring
>> out disaster recovery.
>> some background: on EC2, you can start as many machines (instances) as you
>> like.  if you lose one, you can start another, but it'll have a different
>> hostname.  when you lose an instance, you lose whatever was stored on the
>> drive.

What if mnesia were equipped with a node name abstraction layer, and
you could simply tell it which physical node corresponds to a given
abstract node?

This would also make it unnecessary to explicitly traverse backups
in order to migrate a mnesia database from one machine to another;
you'd simply re-map the abstract node name instead.

Ulf W

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