[erlang-questions] Good name for a Cocoa bridge for Erlang

Bob Ippolito <>
Mon Dec 10 21:00:33 CET 2007

On 12/10/07, David King <> wrote:
> > I need a name for a Cocoa bridge for Erlang.
> > I tried various permutations of cocoa, objc, e, erl, erly but didn't
> > like any.
> > Any suggestions?
> Any chance that you can write it to OpenStep, a large subset of Cocoa,
> instead of to Cocoa itself? OpenStep is far more portable (having the
> Cocoa as well as GNUstep implementations)
> I don't know either, so I don't know what you'd be missing out on.

OpenStep/GNUStep is kinda useless really. There isn't a usable Win32
implementation of AppKit and most of the interesting stuff in Cocoa is
too recent for it to have trickled down. That said, a proper bridge is
just a hook into the Objective-C runtime, you don't really have to
much with many of the APIs directly. Especially if you only care about
Mac OS X 10.5+ which ships with a lot of infrastructure designed to
make writing bridges easier.

Caring about alternative OS and runtimes in this case would be a lot
of wasted effort, if you need something cross-platform the "least
worst" is going to generally be with wxWidgets or just go HTML or


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