[erlang-questions] crypto+ssh ?

Dominique de Waleffe <>
Mon Dec 10 20:42:12 CET 2007

Using the recent R12B,
I am trying to use the ssh module to connect to a remote server.

First, I seem to have a problem starting the crypto application on 
windows (XP or Vista)...

1> application:start(crypto).

=INFO REPORT==== 10-Dec-2007::20:37:37 ===
    application: crypto
    exited: {shutdown,{crypto_app,start,[normal,[]]}}
    type: temporary

What can cause this? What should I look at?

Second, It is not clear from the manual what I have to do with the ssh 
stuff to go further than a connexion...
I want to programmatically send command to a server I connect to and 
recover the output (both stderr and stdout).
Are there any sample/tutorial on how to do this?

Thanks for info.


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