[erlang-questions] EFFI: The 80% solution to Erlang FFI woes

Ulf Wiger (TN/EAB) <>
Fri Dec 7 18:13:29 CET 2007

Joel Reymont skrev:
> While the recently mentioned FFI enhancement proposal is being  
> considered, I would like to propose EFFI as the 80% solution.
 > I just started implementing this API and library for a chapter
 > of my upcoming "Hardcore Erlang" book.

But now that there is an ambitious FFI proposal submitted as an EEP,
why start yet another 80% solution?

We've seen lots of 80% Erlang-C bindings. One nice attempt was IG,
which can be found at http://www.tornkvist.org/gitweb

Ulf W

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