[erlang-questions] Does CEAN modify init.erl?

Joel Reymont <>
Mon Aug 20 19:41:59 CEST 2007


Does CEAN modify init.erl? It looks to me from the following error  
that cean:version is being called from init:start_it.

=PROGRESS REPORT==== 20-Aug-2007::13:33:24 ===
          application: sync
           started_at: ''
{"init terminating in do_boot",{undef,[{cean,version,[]}, 

Crash dump was written to: erl_crash.dump
init terminating in do_boot ()

I'm starting the diskless node using CEAN and "loader inet -mode  
embedded",  as well as a custom boot file that does not include CEAN  
since it's not an app.

	Thanks, Joel


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