[erlang-questions] F# and Nemerle

Nick Linker <>
Sat Sep 30 11:37:11 CEST 2006

Dmitrii Dimandt wrote:
> Also, the very active Russian group of Nemerle enthusiasts have said 
> that they would like to introduce lightweight concurrency to Nemerle 
> as well, probably in the form of active objects.
> See this message 
> <http://gzip.rsdn.ru/Forum/Message.aspx?mid=2135897&only=1> (in 
> Russian). It says the following:
> Erlang is next on our agenda after integrating Nemerle into Visual 
> Studio. That is, we are going to try and implement the idea of 
> concurrency. However, it's a wiser to implement active objects in 
> hybrid languages rather than processes.
Heh, Martin Odersky's team have done this already :-)

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