[erlang-questions] Erlangic-ness?

Garry Hodgson <>
Thu Sep 28 19:11:27 CEST 2006

Garry Hodgson <> wrote:

> ulf wiger wrote a nice tutorial "Writing an Erlang 
> Port using OTP Principles", at:
> http://wiki.trapexit.org/index.php/Writing_an_Erlang_Port_using_OTP_Principles
> and i vaguely recall another such tutorial, but can't seem to find it.

and then "Logan, Martin" <> wrote:

> Just to let everyone who is interested know, all the current Erlang
> tutorials not already present on Trap Exit are listed at:
> http://wiki.trapexit.org/index.php/Category:HowToSignup

which made me realize that the aforementioned tutorial was written by
Pete Kazmier, not ulf.  my apologies.  i think i had it confused with
"Tutorial package: how to build an OTP system", at:
which may be the other tutorial i was thinking of.

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