[erlang-questions] comma-less lists and tuples

Anton Berezin <>
Wed Sep 20 17:08:12 CEST 2006

On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 04:48:22PM +0200, Erik Reitsma (RY/ETM) wrote:
> > > When working with ErlSQL, I came to the opinion that in some cases, 
> > > Erlang would benefit from allowing whitespace as a 
> > delimiter in lists 
> > > and tuples in place of commas. Consider this small example:
> > 
> > would such a change create a problem when atoms look like this:
> > 'atom with space'?
> I don't see why if we can have 'atom,with,commas' already.

While we are discussing commas, it would be extremely nice to allow a
trailing comma in lists and tuples:


This is very useful during development, it provides for less source editing
with no assumption that datastructures are cast in stone.

Many languages support that already, including gcc variant of C.

Pretty please?

We're going for 'working' here. 'clean' is for people with skills...
-- Flemming Jacobsen

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