[erlang-questions] gen_fsm - timeout ?

Sanjaya Vitharana <>
Tue Sep 19 10:11:50 CEST 2006

Hi ... ALL,

Behavior: Gen FSM

Want to be in state "open" (see below) for limited time (assume 5 sec) until some EXPECTED event (as_E) comes, have to move to some other state if the expected event not received in that time. All other events should be ignored in state "open".

Problem: Below works fine if no events other than expected comes. But what happend if SOME un-expected events received before timeout? It always keep updating the timeout value to 5000. Removing the timeout value from {next_state, open, State,5000} for "OtherEvents" will cause to stuck in the "open" forever if the expected event not received.

Question: How the time out value should be use in this case ? Are there any way to set the timeout value ONCE for all "OtherEvents".

Asume this as beginning point 

   as(blah,blah), %%Calling Async Func
{next_state, open, State,5000}; 

open(timeout, State) ->
    {next_state, Any_Appropriat, State}.

open(as_E, State) ->
    {next_state, Any_Appropriat, State}.

open(OtherEvents, State) ->
     {next_state, open, State,5000}.

Thanks in advance

Sanjaya Vitharana
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