[erlang-questions] Good Erlang style?

Yariv Sadan <>
Mon Sep 18 17:56:26 CEST 2006


> Guest wrote:
> I've felt a bit daunted as I've dabbled into FP languages - it seems
> to be a field where a lot of academic research occurs (perhaps due to
> the lack of side effects?) and as I've had no CS formal education
> (yet) I sometimes have trouble following what's happening in some of
> the papers I read; ACM papers are a prime example.
> (end of quote)
> Yes, that is a problem for me too. I have the feling that these languages have a lot of practical value, but is is hard to come by without the theoretical background. defmacro.rg is very valuable because it presents the thinking of FP in a language which is understandable for programmers in vonventional languages.
> Norbert

I have come from the OO world as well, but once I became comfortable
with functional semantics I realized that many functional languages
are actually much simpler than OO langues (esp Erlang). It feels like
functional programming lets you get straight to the problem solving
without worrying too much about all the complexity of OO patterns.
Erlang is a much simpler language to learn than Java, C++, C#, etc IMO
(but that doesn't mean it's less powerful -- quite the opposite: with
simplicity comes a lot of power).


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