[erlang-questions] ERTS; code-server; dynamically loading of code

Lennart Öhman <>
Sun Sep 17 19:00:40 CEST 2006

Hi, hope you know what your are doing :-)

When a function can not be found, a function in the module error_handler
is called in the context of the process wishing to execute the
non-existing function. The code in the error_handler communicated with
the code_server process (implemeneted in code) which implements the
dynamic code loading. Read those modules and you will understand.

Further more it is possible as a process flag to set which module
shall be error_handler. In this way one can actually make certain
parts of a system load code differently.

Good luck,

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I am searching for a way, to do my own code loading and wondered how
handles it. To be precise: I want to use the Erlang-VM and adopt my own code
dynamically loading the code if for the first time a module is used. I was
browsing the code and reading the documentation, but I don't find it. Maybe
I am
blind, but I would appreciate any hints how the standard Erlang Runtime
handles that and where to find the more information (like documentation,
modules/code-files are involved, etc.).

Cheers and thank you in advance
Matthias Kretschmer
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