[erlang-questions] Good Erlang style?

Liam Clarke <>
Sun Sep 17 10:08:06 CEST 2006

Hi all,

A quick question. From my Python background I'm mindful of a implied
"right way" of doing things, and I'm wondering about the Zen of
Erlang, as it were.

Just contemplating error conditions currently. Is the use of catch and
throw the usual style, or is evaluation of returned values?

Also, would I be imposing if I posted links to my completed code for
the evaluation of experienced Erlang developers? My code looks a tad
, and I tend to agree with ESR on bad looking code being bad - so I'd
value pointers on my style.

When I started learning Lisp I found I was trying to impose Python
styles and idioms upon it and it was resulting in quite a struggle
with the code - when I started coding in a functional manner, Lisp
started getting easier. I have a nagging suspicion I'm doing the same
to Erlang at the moment.


Liam Clarke

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