[erlang-questions] constructing binaries question

Taavi Talvik <>
Thu Sep 14 22:29:17 CEST 2006

> I think your solution will work for me. The final goal is to send the
> query to a socket, so the structure doesn't matter for pattern
> matching. However, I do have to send the query after it's constructed
> to an intermediate gen_server, which then sends the query to a process
> that owns the socket. I know that sending binary messages involves
> less copying than sending other types of messages, so I'm tempted to
> construct the queries as binaries before sending them anywhere.
> What's the best approach in this scenario?

As some gurus on this list have said:

	make it correct(working), optimize later

When application is ready and performance is not acceptable,
profile it. Quite likely you will find that time is spent somewhere

best regards,

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