[erlang-questions] Revamped MySQL driver

Yariv Sadan <>
Thu Sep 14 13:50:08 CEST 2006

Hi Fredrik!

> Hi
> It is great to see that people actually want to use the YXA MySQL driver. As
> maintainer of the YXA source code, I would like to see all usefull features
> folded back into the original source code though.
> Mikael (of Process One) has shared this view, he just hasn't had time enough to
> complete updating YXA's own usage of the MySQL driver yet, but has said that he
> intends to. Without having looked at the improvements you have made, I would
> like to roll them too back into the YXA source repository. What do you think
> about this? I don't think it benefits the Erlang community to have lots of
> essentially forked versions of the MySQL driver.

I think it makes total sense! One of the reasons I created this new
project is because my changes have broken a few features and I didn't
know that this would fit the requirements of YXA. In addition, it was
ok for ErlyDB's needs if the driver went back to "beta" version, but
it probably wouldn't be ok for a mature product like YXA. Anyway, if
you would like to roll these changes into the YXA source repository, I
would support it.

Let me know.

Best regards,

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