[erlang-questions] compiler bug not quite fixed?

Tim Rath <>
Wed Sep 13 19:34:26 CEST 2006


I saw a compiler bug posted to the list by Martin Bjorklund that appeared to be exactly the problem I'm seeing, and then noticed that this was fixed in R11B-1 (as per the release notes.) Unfortunately, though R11B-1 appears to fix the code submitted by Martin, it does not fix my case.

Here's the output (looks the same as in Martin's case):

%erlc a.erl
Function -a/0-fun-0-/1 refers to undefined label 13
./a.erl:none: internal error in beam_clean;
crash reason: {{case_clause,{'EXIT',{undefined_label,13}}},
./a.erl:10: Warning: variable 'B' is unused

And here's the smallest amount of code I could come up with that reproduces the problem:


a() ->
 A = {6},
   fun () ->
     fun () -> {B} = A end

Edge case?


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