[erlang-questions] RE : Erlang now in the railway industry

ke han <>
Tue Sep 12 05:12:42 CEST 2006

On Sep 11, 2006, at 11:19 PM, BETIS Alexandre wrote:

> I did not convince my customer. The software did.
> A non-crashing software is something that turns
> your customer into your best friend.

I built a web app earlier this year with yaws+mnesia...during  
prototyping and alpha phases, the customer was many times over my  
shoulder and wanting live access to the work in progress.
It was a huge benefit, and the customer remarked on this, that the  
system _never_ crashed and mnesia _never_ ended up with invalid data.
Sure, there were errors..but the erlang VM just kept chugging away  
and my app never accepted invalid input...non-defensive programming  
really does work!!!
The customer in this case allowed me to make all the technology  
decisions..so it was completely my responsibility if my choices were  
inappropriate...turned out the customer was pleased and my bills were  
always paid on time ;-).

ke han

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