[erlang-questions] RE : Erlang now in the railway industry

Christian S <>
Mon Sep 11 18:23:21 CEST 2006

On 9/11/06, BETIS Alexandre <> wrote:
> You did not ask, but the most important thing is
> to convince yourself that the risk is worth being
> taken. This is the hardest part because you're
> going to be jumping freefall with a new untested
> gear.

The lesson I take from this is that one can not blame managment for
not wanting to try something new. Take the risk on yourself instead.
The risk of being fired or in other ways diciplined in case of failure
is as real for managers as it is for you.

Anyway, this is what is seems like you have done. It is your ass on
the line if Erlang didnt work out.

Of course, Erlang always works out. :)

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