[erlang-questions] Good to know?

Liam Clarke <>
Sun Sep 10 13:15:28 CEST 2006

Hi all,

Forgive a very noobish question, but I ask because I am very new
indeed to Erlang.
Quite simply, what are the little tricks that are good to know but not
immediately documented?

I'm working on a Windows XP box so don't have the man pages available
- I'm working off a combination of the manual, die.net's man pages and

For an example, I only just found this -
the c module.

Knowing how to change the working directory is immensely useful, but
wasn't immediately obvious in the sources I had. So, if you can think
of anything along the lines of "good to know but not apparent as such
to a newbie" - please do fill me in.

Much thanks,

Liam Clarke

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