[erlang-questions] Erlang and Maven

David Durham <>
Fri Sep 8 18:52:33 CEST 2006

> Things that such a plugin could provide :
> - "archetype" project creation (creates a typical OTP-like erlang 
> project directory structure and basic files - a way to enforce good 
> pratices in this area ?)
> - dependencies management (automatic update from a repository, 
> transitive dependencies, etc.)
> - run the entire test suite (using EUnit)
> - generate various reports and the project web site (edoc, eunit 
> results, changelogs, etc.)
> - project compilation
> - project deployment (beam files are packaged and deployed with scp, ftp 
> or DAV)
> - dynamic code loading (typical Erlang feature of course. You could load 
> the compiled code on one or more nodes, on your integration or 
> production environment, etc.)
> - etc ?
> I wonder if there are other Maven users among us. Anyway feedback and 
> ideas would be greatly appreciated (maybe something like this already 
> exists, or maybe the entire idea is worthless...). And when (if ?) I 
> find some time I'll work on it.

Have you considered writing a Maven plugin for Erlang?  Probably most Erlang developers wouldn't use this, but it could be a nice compliment to Erlide.


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