[erlang-questions] C Port Question

Bob Cowdery <>
Fri Sep 8 15:20:58 CEST 2006

Thank you, that was easy. I wondered how name serving was done, now I know.


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> Hi
> I have a further problem now with C Ports. I can get this to work fine
> as a client but am having trouble as a server. Thinking I couldn't see
> my problem I copied the code out of the interoperability tutorial
> cnode_s.c verbatim, changed the cookie to the right value and added
> foo() and bar() which seem to be missing. It compiles ok but when run
> falls out on erl_publish(). I don't know the language very well yet so
> not sure how to get proper diagnostics. It just returns -1 which
> obviously is a failure. I don't know if there are any port
> restrictions or if I can use any free port. Again any help
> appreciated.
You could check that epmd is running. 

strace program might give you more information about what is the

Jani Hakala

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