[erlang-questions] will Erlang ever have currying?

Chris Campbell <>
Wed Sep 6 12:26:43 CEST 2006

On 06/09/06, Bob Ippolito <> wrote:

> What do they actually use currying for? Do you have any examples of
> code that's better expressed via currying rather than just making a
> fun? Implicit currying in Erlang seems like a Really Bad Idea to me...

It's useful for combinators (not implementing them, using them) but
for Erlang you might do it with processes or fun wrappers explicitly;
there's probably no major benefit from syntactic sugar.

I tend to use partial application in OCaml to pass stuff that doesn't
change around implicitly, but if you use it too much it tends to
compromise readability of code.  Like everything else it's a tradeoff.

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