[erlang-questions] Mock Functions

Arnaud Bailly <>
Wed Sep 6 12:15:04 CEST 2006

Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I have downloaded the
paper and will read it as thoroughly as possible ! As I have already
said, my recent interest in Erlang grew out of frustration dealing
with such verbose and clumsy languages as Java. 

I am very interested by studying the potential of applying FP (and
Concurrent FP) to mainstream business applications development,
especially in the way those different paradigms can hepl us design and
implement cleaner software. I was very impressed by Simon Peyton-Jones
paper on "Experiments in financial engineering" which study how the
combinator approach and haskell's laziness feature allows one to build
a very elegant and flexible solution to financial derivatives
evaluation problem.

I also came to the conclusion that processes may be the right way to
structure program in erlang, much likie what is done in architectural
models and component engineering.

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