[erlang-questions] Questhion about Megaco stack

Micael Karlberg <>
Wed Sep 6 11:31:03 CEST 2006


_megaco_session_ was a tool to be used when you wanted to write
your application in C rather then Erlang (I have *no* idé why
anybody would *want* to do that :). It was basically a way to
wrap the megaco application.

megaco_session has not been updated for a long time...

The _simple_ examples included in the megaco application is just
to show the _very_ basic usage of the megaco application!

Personally, I think that the simple examples are to basic to
be used for anything as heavy duty as a to drive a test suite.
Write your own!

Included in the application is the test directory (see the
open source release tarball). This includes the test suites
for the megaco application. This stuff is not documented, and I
am not going to explain how it works, but you may find something
to help you here (e.g. megaco_test_mg and megaco_test_mgc)


sharevon wrote:
> I have posted this email, but no one answered. :-(
> So I post it again.
> I have some trouble in differing megaco_session_0.5 and Megaco 3.2.3
> as part of Erlang/OTP R10B-9 from each other. Are they different? Or
> ,megaco_session_0.5 is just a previous version of Megaco 3.2.3.
> Another question is about examples in megaco 3.2.3. Can Simple MGC and
> Simple MG do other things ,besides Simple MG send ServiceChange
> command to 4 interfaces, as TCP/UDP 2944 and 2945, of Simple MGC? If
> not, how could I control the Simple MGC and MG to construct a test
> enviorment of one MGC and two MG, and make them to do some real works
> like adding, modifying, substracting some terminations to some context
> or making MG to observe some events?
> Thanks.
>                                                         Sharevon
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