[erlang-questions] was there a bugfix to {packet, line} mode between R10B and R11B?

Matthias Lang <>
Tue Sep 5 11:50:22 CEST 2006


I've attached a test program. It sends lines of data over a TCP
socket, like this:


and then receives them with the {packet, line} option. The odd thing
is that, sometimes, one of the lines goes missing. Running the test
for different combinations of OS and OTP release:

    Operating System        R10B-10       R11B-0
    Linux                   ok            ok
    Windows XP              fails         ok

To run the test program, compile it and


The program loops forever on correct behaviour. It stops on failure.

At the moment, I'm stuck:

   - I can't find any fixed ERTS bugs which match the symptoms I'm seeing

   - I can't see any differences between the inet driver in R10B-10
     and R11B-0 which fix such a bug, i.e. I'm slightly worried that
     the bug is present in both, but masked in R11B.

   - I'm not doing anything dodgy

   - I don't know how to debug in windows; I don't even have a C 
     compiler for Windows.

Clues appreciated.


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