scope of variables

karol skocik <>
Mon Sep 4 01:40:15 CEST 2006

Hi guys,
  do you know if there is some intelligent way to simulate scope in erlang?

So far, I have found that list comprehensions can help :

test() ->

	 X = 10
     end || _X <- [dummy]],
    X. %% here is X unbound - as it should be

or wrapping the score into function

but :
1.) it is not very nice
2.) it costs a function call (this translated to core erlang makes
'lc-...' function which is called recursively - inlining does not help
3.) collects dummy into list (in case of list comprehension, but
compiler probably removes optimizes this)

I want to play and create something like lisp layer over erlang syntax
tree, which would allow macros similar to those in common lisp, but
erlang's crazy scoping is standing in the way...


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