Erlang for web-developers

Oscar Hellström <>
Sun Sep 3 12:33:10 CEST 2006

On Mon, 2006-08-28 at 08:47 -0400, Yariv Sadan wrote:
> Thanks for the response. Apparently Rails has reached its scalability
> limits once my blog has reached a few thousand visitors, and now it
> experiences intermittent errors that I'm at a loss to fix. Very
> annoying.
> Sometimes even sudoing as root and killing all the OS processes that
> Lighttpd spawns for handling the fastcgi requests and then restarting
> Lighttpd doesn't help, and the only recourse is to physically reboot
> the server.

How do you handle sessions? If they are stored as files in /tmp they are
not removed by rails and you will reach the maximum number of files in a
directory after a while, and I guess these are removed on reboot. This
is a known problem and examples of cron jobs are available in the Rails
docs. Another approach is to store sessions in a database, but also
these need to be cleaned up not to fill the database.

> I didn't want to write about it in my blog because I didn't want
> people to think I'm taking cheap shots at Rails, but after my
> experience with typo, I'd be crazy to use Rails to rather than Yaws to
> build a real app :)


> Thanks,
> Yariv

Oscar Hellström, 

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