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ke han <>
Sun Sep 3 09:21:07 CEST 2006

On Sep 3, 2006, at 5:05 AM, Ulf Wiger ((TN/EAB)) wrote:

> But this was the one I was really after - ROK's
> dictionaries:

Exceptional post!!!..thanks for digging that up.  I sure wish that in  
the three years since this post was made some erlang master had  
managed to come up with an implementation of this ;-).

In regards to Rudolph's issues, I am currently prototyping methods to  
alleviate the trouble with treating "records as an object":

1 - I need a simple way to create and manage attributes of an entity  
(either processes or some erlang term which I am careful to not  
violate encapsulation) OO languages you get encapsulation for erlang you just need a little discipline to your coding  
style.  Even with some discipline, you will end up with repetitive  
code for managing attribute values, events, changes to the collection  
of attributes (adding a office_phone to the existing Person model),  
In an MVC approach to app design, both Controllers and Models have  
attributes...I need a simple approach which at least hides repetitive  
code.  I am closely following the work done on smerl and erlyDB for  
methods to manage this.
It would be nice if ROK's dictionary already existed.  This might  
offer a lightweight and language transparent method for accomplishing  
some of this...but its not here for now...

2 - Once I get something I like from step 1, I'm hoping I can  
extrapolate to create general methods for mitigating otherwise  
repetitive code for common behaviors...I don't know what it looks  
like yet, but something along the lines of "-behavior" declarations  
that automate delegation to helper modules is maybe an acceptable  

your thought?
ke han

> BR,
> Ulf W

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