how to use a specific host alias for node name?

Chandru <>
Fri Sep 1 23:39:56 CEST 2006

On 31/08/06, Garry Hodgson <> wrote:
> in our application, a master server has a list of nodes
> that it can use for computation.  in principle, we'd like
> the machines named node1, node2, ...nodeN, so the nodes
> would be @nodeN.  but some of our
> installations have their own naming conventions for machines.
> adding aliases in /etc/hosts doesn't help.  so we resort to a
> config file, which seems kind of klunky.

is there a way to cause the nodes to come up using a specific
> host alias?

You can do 'erl -sname ' on node1

or better yet, is there a better way for the master to find
> out who's out there?

the nodes check in when they come up,
> but this won't help if they're already up when master starts.

I guess you'd need some kind of discovery protocol. Maybe the slaves can
broadcast a 'is there a master' message periodically until they find one?
The master could also broadcast a message when it is up so that slaves
receive it and register themselves.

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