[erlang-questions] Erlang shell crashes

Thomas Lindgren <>
Mon Oct 30 18:15:59 CET 2006

--- Kostis Sagonas <> wrote:

> Although the analysis needed is not trivial, we
> (think we) know exactly 
> how to do this, but doing it never made it high on
> our priority list 
> partly due to lack of "real" test cases where such
> defect detection is 
> needed.  We would very much appreciate if Erlang
> users send us code 
> which suffers exactly from this type of problem.  We
> promise we will not 
> use this code for any other purposes.

How about checking the OTP code? A starter case might
be to analyze some variations on gen_server and

I believe Sven-Olof Nyström's analyzer derived
"mailbox types". I'm not sure how well this worked in


Presumably, all you model checking people out there
also have wrestled with the basic problem. (Thomas
Arts or Lars-Ake Fredlund for instance?) Are there any
practical experiences to be told? 

> > You should also use a catch all message to remove
> any messages you were not expecting:
> > 
> > receive
> >   {From, expected_msg, Data} ->
> >         do_something(Data);
> >   AnyUnexpectedMsg ->
> >         log_and_skip_handling(AnyUnexpectedMsg)
> > end.
> Doing this, of course solves this problem by
> potentially hiding it under 
> the carpet, right?

If one could tell the hypothetical analyzer to flag
messages or interactions that end up in the catch-all
clause, then we would both handle unexpected messages
at runtime (e.g., messages arriving from some other
node running who knows what) AND get warnings at


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