[erlang-questions] 'embedded' erlang?

Matthias Lang <>
Sat Oct 28 22:17:47 CEST 2006

  Matthias > > Independently, Brian Zhou has Erlang running on a 
  Matthias > > chewing-gum-packet sized linux box called a 'gumstix'.
  Brian > A correction to the detail, the device I cross built erlang 
  Brian > to run is linksys nslu2 

Oh, ok. So, there _two_ small-ish, cheap-ish devices running recent
versions of Erlang, the nslu2 via you and the gumstix via Pascal


  Brian > I've added pointers to nslu2 (optware) mk file and 
  Brian > openembedded bitbake recipe to the wiki page.



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