[erlang-questions] Improved regexp.erl

Robert Virding <>
Fri Oct 27 00:20:40 CEST 2006

I agree with both of you. There is no proble doing it with the 
interpreted regexps but I haven't yet looked at doing it in the compiled 
version. and the difference in speed makes it worth it.

Soon I will have a parse transform which compiles at compile-time. Saves 
ou doing explicit regexp:compile.


Mats Cronqvist wrote:
> Fredrik Thulin wrote:
>> Robert Virding <> wrote:
>> ...
>>> What requirements do people have?
>> In YXA, we still have a modified regexp.erl (modified by Magnus 
>> Ahltorp a long long time ago) that can return a list of all groups in 
>> a match. 
> [...]
>> Maybe there is a way to do it with the current regexp.erl (the one in 
>> R11B-1 I mean), in which case I would like to know about it =) but if 
>> there isn't then that is a requirement for me.
>   returning list of groups is a very basic requirement. i use gregexp 
> from jungerl.
>   mats

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