[erlang-questions] Inets unencoding question

Brad Marshall <>
Thu Oct 26 05:20:07 CEST 2006

I'm using http:request and it calls http_uri:parse_http.  
Http_uri:parse_http seems to unencode the request as part of its parsing. 
I.e. %25 becomes %.  Unfortunately, the web service I'm calling requires a
digital signature with the request, so the request no longer matches the
digital signature.

I'm not sure of the reasoning behind this, and I'm certainly open to
discussion to the contrary, but this seems like a bug.  I've tried this
request in other http clients (Perl, Java) and neither performs an unencode.
 Also, this particular implementation seems to violate the RFC whereby
multiple unencoding is not allowed as it may alter the intent of the URI
(the http_uri:parse_http unencoding is recursing on the unencoded portion).

Given my very light Erlang skills it's entirely possible I'm
mis-interpreting the processing but my tests seem to bear this out.  Can
anyone confirm or deny?  Or suggest a means of turning this off?  Or explain
why this is correct?


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