[erlang-questions] R11B-1 on Solaris 10

Chandru <>
Tue Oct 24 19:24:20 CEST 2006


We tried building 64-bit R11B-1 on a AMD Opteron platform running Solaris
10. The only way we could get it to build was by changing line 1352 in
erts/configure to:

i86pc)  ARCH=amd64;;

It seems that 'uname -p' returns i386 instead of x86_64 under Solaris 10.
Has the OTP team ever tried building on this configuration? Is there any way
to specify this on the command line as an option to 'configure' ? It would
be nice to have this work "out of the box".

The resulting building seems to work but I've only tried the big bang
benchmark by Rickard Green. Yet to try out some "real" apps.

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