[erlang-questions] What does this mean?

RCB <>
Mon Oct 23 17:26:03 CEST 2006

I've seen this once in a moderately loaded, network i/o bound proxy-like
application.   The app was running on an epoll patched R10 release (I don't
recall the exact version.)  I quickly looked through the sources and
eventually suspected the epoll patch as culprit.   Since I never saw this
before on an unpatched erlang system, I stopped using the epoll patch, and
after some time, eventually migrated to R11.  It never happened again.

BTW, there was little or no disk activity on this erlang node, and mnesia
was not running on this machine.


On 10/23/06, Rudolph van Graan <> wrote:
> 1> TYPE ASSERTION FAILED, file beam/erl_term.c, line 105:
> tag_val_def: 0x18

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