[erlang-questions] hipe on freebsd/x86

Count László de Almásy <>
Sat Oct 21 19:13:51 CEST 2006

On 10/21/06, Mikael Pettersson <> wrote:

> HiPE is autoenabled on supported platforms. However, "supported"
> does not mean "seems to maybe work on", it means that we regularly
> test on those platforms and will fix problems if/when they occur.

I see.  Thanks for the clarification.

> HiPE/x86 used to work on Solaris 8, and may work on Solaris 10, but
> we only have access to a Solaris 9 box for testing.

On my SunOS 5.9/x86 box, compiling HiPE failed.  I can provide output
of those errors if that would be useful.

> HiPE/x86 should work on OSX, and may work on FreeBSD, but since we
> don't have those systems we won't pretend to support them.  User can
> still ./configure --enable-hipe if their systems do in fact work
> with HiPE.

Is HiPE maintained outside of Ericcson?  The README for R11B says the
following, so I assumed FreeBSD was a supported platform for HiPE:

At Ericsson we have a "Daily Build and Test" that runs on:

    Operating system        Version
    Solaris/Sparc           2.8      (1)
    Linux/Suse x86	    9.2
    Linux/Suse Amd64	    9.2
    Linux/Suse Amd64	    10.0
    Linux/Montavista PPC    3.1
    FreeBSD x86             5.0
    Mac OS X                10.3.9 (2)
    Mac OS X                10.4.6 (2)
    Windows 		    XP
    Windows 		    2003

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