[erlang-questions] hipe on freebsd/x86

Count László de Almásy <>
Sat Oct 21 07:06:51 CEST 2006

I've noticed that on my FreeBSD 5.4/x86 machine that hipe is not built
by default.  I have to add '--enable-hipe' (an undocumented option) to
./configure, and then it gets compiled in.  Is this the right
behavior?  Shouldn't hipe just be picked up automatically on platforms
like FreeBSD that support it?

BTW, can anyone point me to a comprehensive list of OS/platform combos
that hipe is available on?  I've not been able to find this, and am
just using trial and error.  So far it seems to work on Linux (x86 and
amd64) and freebsd/x86, but NOT on openbsd/x86 or solaris/x86.


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