[erlang-questions] MySQL cluster

Christian S <>
Fri Oct 20 15:49:47 CEST 2006

On 10/20/06, Dmitrii Dimandt <> wrote:
> What's the optimum maximum size for Mnesia then? A bout a couple of
> gigabytes? Or more?

What should such a number for maximum size try to optimize?

A note about picking database after storage size needs:

Using mnesia instead of an external database always have advantages in
terms of "impedance matching" (Mnesia has erlang's datatypes by virtue
of being erlang and you can query mnesia faster than anything
connected to through tcp). This often makes it worthwile to hack
around mnesia to store some data outside of it.

One would easily reach a storage size of 1Tb for a site like flickr.
Does that mean mnesia wouldnt be sufficient for building such a site?
Or perhaps it could be a good idea to build an application that
replicates images across nodes outside of mnesia, and have mnesia
store small image ids to reference them.

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