[erlang-questions] Bug in Inets handling of PUT?

Ingela Anderton <>
Wed Oct 18 08:25:55 CEST 2006

You are right it is a bug in inets. However it is already fixed. (It
has been reported before.) It will be part of the next open source

YouI'm calling a web service with a PUT via http:request/6.  The PUT results in
a 200 and a content length of zero.  The zero-length response seems to be
causing the request to hang until the keepalive timeout expires and the
socket closes.  If I make the change below then the PUT works perfectly:

diff httpc_response.erl httpc_response.erl.original 
< 	N when N >= Length ->
> 	N when N >= Length, Length > 0 ->

I'm new to Erlang so please point me in the right direction if I'm off base.
 I've checked the RFC and it seems valid for a PUT to have a zero-length
response.  Oh, and I tried this in ibrowse and it worked perfectly, but I'd
much rather use a built-in if possible.

Any tips on solving this are greatly appreciated.


m.v.h Ingela

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