[erlang-questions] hot-code replacement

jces <>
Tue Oct 17 05:22:10 CEST 2006

Cont'd: after 

>()3> Pid!not_finished.

you can edit start/1's "not_finished" section to a) io:write and b)
increment Arg by different amount.

start(Arg) ->
	finished ->
	not_finished ->	   

then re-compile it in the running erlang shell.

Send the same old Pid, not a new one, a "not_finished" message and it will
a) increment Arg by 1 because the new version is not in place just yet,
and b) load the new version.

Send it another "not_finished" message and this time a) you will see the
new io:write happen, and b) Art is incremented by 42.

Finally, send it "finished" to see a final value, like 45.

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