[erlang-questions] ErlLounge in the San Francisco/San Jose area?

Scott Lystig Fritchie <>
Sat Oct 14 23:59:23 CEST 2006

Good afternoon.  As I've started packing for a flight out to San
Francisco to visit my employer's HQ, I asked myself ... Hey, I've
never tried triggering/organizing an ErlLounge out there.

I'll be in San Mateo (not quite half-way between San Francisco and San
Jose) for a week and a half, starting tomorrow 10/16.  If there are
other Erlang folk who'd like to get together for an ErlLounge(*)
between then and 10/25, please email me.  If you have a suggestion of
where to meet, please suggest!  (I'm from Minneapolis, so I'd accept
any advice from a local/native.)

According to my schedule, the evenings of Monday 10/23 and Tuesday
10/24 look like the most promising nights.  I know that I'm busy on
Wednesday 10/18 and could not attend on that night.


(*) ErlLounge: noun? intransitive verb?  To drink beer, eat food, and
talk about Erlang.  Usually in that order.

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