[erlang-questions] Inets is alive and kicking ;)

Ingela Anderton <>
Fri Oct 13 17:11:49 CEST 2006


I have been away for a while (parental leave), and during 
this time there has been some some reports of problems with the
inets http client, especially regarding chunked encoding.
I just want to say that I have found those bugs and fixed
them. (Some inets bugs where also fixed by my co-workers but
proably not announced on this list).

Here is a list of things that I have done since I came back and
that are being released in a near future:
Bug fixes

Extensions and trailers where not properly handled by the chunk
decoding implementation.

In some cases if a body contained the sequence "\r\n0" and was chunked
encoded this sequence was incorrectly interpreted as the last chunk.
A request resulting in an empty body is now returned without any

When http:request/4 was used with a configured proxy, and the
webserver returns 3XX code, http:request/4 entered an endless
loop. Two problems was solved in this area, the absolute uri is now
updated when a redirect is issued, so that the problem in this case
will not arise, and the redirection endless loop detection was fixed
so that will actually detect potential endless loops.
http_request.erl didn't handle https URIs, which meant that redirects
from ESI did not work.

New features

When using asynchronous HTTP-request it is now possible to receive
"200-responses" as streams instead of having to wait until the whole
response has been delivered.
Possibility to stream a request body to a file.

m.v.h Ingela

Ericsson AB - OTP team

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