[erlang-questions] List comprehensions

Liam Clarke <>
Thu Oct 12 09:02:50 CEST 2006

    Hi all,

Just reading the manual on list comprehensions, and looking at the 
comprehension to return all permutations of a sequence:

perms([]) ->[[]];
perms(L) ->
    [[H|T] || H <- L, T <- perms(L--[H])].

I'm having trouble with understanding what's happening. I assume it's 
evaluated left to right from the ||, and I'm sort of grasping the 
general interplay of the generators and the recursion, but I'm also 
missing it at the same point.

I think I get how dual generators work now -
[[H|[T]] || H <- [a,b,c],T <- [1,2,3]] 

will yield


How could I rewrite the permutations comprehension as a function so I 
can sprinkle it with io:format()s so as to understand what's happening 


Liam Clarke

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