[erlang-questions] Recless

Yariv Sadan <>
Wed Oct 11 23:32:50 CEST 2006


I created an experimental parse transform that uses type inference to
simplify record access and manipulation syntax. For example, it lets
you write this:

   NewProject = Project.owner.address.city = 'Boston'.

instead of this:

   NewProject =
       Project#project{owner =
        (Project#project.owner)#person{address =
          ((Project#project.owner)#person.address)#address{city =

Recless is about 75% finished, but before I sink any more time into
it, I would like to ask the Erlang community members for their
feedback. Is this something you want? Do you see any substantial
dangers for conflict with the standard Erlang syntax?

The full story is here

Best regards,

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