[erlang-questions] newbie question re: JINI

jces <>
Wed Oct 11 19:32:15 CEST 2006

(I mean to ask this only for edification, not to get into
some flame fest :-) I've been reading up a little bit on
things like MPI, MPI2 and JINI and noted a curious comment at
that "If you need to solve the problem of somehow giving an arbitrarily
large number of machines the same bit of byte code, and do that in a
secure manner, I don't know of anything else but Jini that can do that."
Which led me to wonder how such things are or might be done in Erlang.
(I've only just started learning the language - it is hard to find
the free time - but the field of parallel/distributed systems is so
interesting and of course ever more relevant even to "desktop" folks.)


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