[erlang-questions] Multiple modules

Alex Arnon <>
Sun Oct 8 18:32:11 CEST 2006

On 10/8/06, Daniel Goertzen <> wrote:
> That starts to strongly resemble the way C++ namespaces work.
> Using the mnesia app as an example, the app source files are well
> decomposed into their functional areas, for example: mnesia_subscr.erl,
> mnesia_controller.erl, mnesia_checkpoint.erl, etc.  But the entire API
> for mnesia is really exported through the module "mnesia", and
> mnesia.erl contains lots of functions that just relay calls to other
> modules.  Wouldn't it make more sense for each of the files (ex,
> mnesia_subscr.erl) to be able to directly export bits and pieces into
> the mnesia module/namespace?
> And this leads to the question of nested modules like C++ nested
> namespaces.  I've found that nested namespaces in C++ have helped me
> keep names short and natural and remove concern over collisions.
> Consider this erlang example:
> Erlang makes me name stuff like this...
> myapp:foo_dostuff(...)
> myapp:bar_dostuff(...)
> When I'd really like to say it like this...
> myapp:foo:dostuff(...)
> myapp:bar:dostuff(...)
> Disclaimer:  I've written large c++ programs, but not any large elrang
> programs yet.  Please correct me if I've missed out on some erlang
> feature.
> Cheers,
> Dan.

I can see where this would be useful.
What about the X.X notation (e.g. in erlsoap)?
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